Office Every Day, Huh!

Let’s take a look at how the office functions today. We stroll around exchanging pleasantries with co-workers, bosses and the people we manage. We exchange thoughts, during one-on-one conversations with our co-workers. We sit in meetings of endless conversation, as we strive to understand what is being said. We filter through piles and piles of emails with conversation chains a mile long. We endure performance reviews where our boss gives us their always valuable input and assessment.

I’m getting tired of all these and I’m thinking of taking some time off. It’s time for that much deserved time off; really time off and not just “playing vacation”. I need to stay unplug. This means no laptop or notebook, just my Smartphone.

BUT… Where to? How many days? When will it start? When will it end? Well, anywhere, as long as it is away from the office, far, far away from the office; outside the country, most likely! And, I’ve decided to take 2 weeks leave . Visiting my grandmother’s homeland is a fabulous idea, I supposed!

I’ve consider to travel to Balikpapan, Indonesia to spend and enjoy my time off. Even though I know I love what I do at work, I still need a break from it. If we’re stressed and close to burnout, we’re not doing anyone any good. Taking some regular time out to unplug and clear the head may do wonders for my well-being, just like a good afternoon nap after a big slice of pie.

Now, the important aspect to consider first is the travelling arrangements. But, first thing first! Get myself a passport. It makes a lot easier to think about the rest of the travel plans once the passport is ready. Next step, the airline tickets booking, then begin packing…. BON VOYAGE!


Fun Trivia Questions And Answers

Which is stronger, concrete or bone?


Useless Fact
Human bones can actually resist 40 times more stress than concrete. Don’t believe it is true? Then picture a piece of concrete the size of a bone and imagine how easily it would break.

What bird lays its egg in another bird’s nest?

Cuckoo, Cowbird, Whydah and Black-headed Duck

Useless Fact
These birds, called brood parasites, lay their eggs in another bird’s nest and let the other bird parents feed and raise their chicks. The “egg abandoner” is then free to mate again and lay more eggs in another nest. The cuckoo is the best known brood parasite and an expert in the art of cruel deception. Its strategy involves stealth, surprise and speed. The mother removes one egg laid by the host mother, lays her own and flies off with the host egg in her bill. The whole process takes barely ten seconds. Cuckoos parasitize the nests of a large variety of bird species and carefully mimic the colour and pattern of their own eggs to match that of their hosts. Each female cuckoo specializes on one particular host species. How the cuckoo manages to lay eggs to imitate each host’s eggs so accurately is one of nature’s main mysteries.

Semut Dan Belalang

Alkisah dahulu kala ada seekor semut yang bersahabat dengan seekor belalang. Mereka suka sekali berpesta. Setiap malam mereka akan menghabiskan waktu untuk berpesta, makan-makan dan menikmati minuman. Berpesta dan berpesta itulah rutin mereka.

Sehingga suatu hari, sang semut mula menyedari, walaupun sekarang ini musim panas musim tengkujuh pasti akan datang juga. Dia terfikir kalau dia terus berpesta dan menghabiskan makanan dan minuman, maka apa yang akan di makan bila musim tengkujuh tiba. “Aku tidak boleh berterusan begini, aku harus berkerja untuk mendapatkan makanan untuk bekalan ku di musim tengkujuh” katanya.

Akhirnya, sang semut mula mencari makanan untuk persiapan apabila nanti musim tengkujuh melanda. Hari demi hari sang semut terus mengumpulkan makanan sementara sahabatnya sang belalang terus menerus menghabiskan masanya bersuka-ria. Sang semut berkali-kali menasihatinya tapi hanya sia-sia kerana dia tetap tidak mempedulikannya.

Musim tengkujuh pun tiba sang semut tidak lagi keluar mencari makanan. “Nasib baik aku dapat mengumpul banyak makanan” katanya. Suatu hari di musim itu, ketika sang semut sedang berehat dia terdengar suara ketukan dari luar.”TOK…TOK…TOK”

Sang semut menjenguk dari jendela dan dilihatnya sahabatnya, sang belalang yang basah kuyup dan sedang kedinginan menanti di luar pintu. Sang semut pun membuka pintu lalu menanyakan keadaan si belalang. Rupanya sang belalang sedang kelaparan kerana sudah berhari-hari tidak makan. “Tolong aku wahai sahabat ku semut, berilah aku sedikit makanan jika tidak aku pasti akan mati”.

Semenjak hari itu sang belalang telah banyak berubah. Dia sudah menjadi seekor belalang yang rajin berkerja.

The Most Wonderful Day!

Today is the most wonderful day of our life. We live, drink, dine, walk, talk, work and play today; it’s a wonderful day isn’t it?

Living today is not enough without making it a wonderful day for us. In order to make your today a wonderful day, get up from the bed early in the morning. While brushing your teeth, brush away the unfounded fears about today. Look in the mirror and say, “It’s a wonderful day”.

Go for a morning walk. Look what you were missing in your life; the chattering of birds, the smile of flowers and the fresh morning breeze gently touching your body. What a wonderful day!

After oxygenating your body in the open air, refresh yourself by taking a hot water shower. While shaving your beard, shave away the weeds of fear, self-pity and helplessness and let grow an imaginative beard of faith, courage and confidence. Now look in the mirror with your newly grown beard. Smile, because “it’s a wonderful day”.

Don’t forget to eat a nourishing breakfast. Your body needs energizing food to maintain a good posture and a positive attitude. Don’t switch on the TV in the morning. Let the “dear devil” sleep. The TV people like to show “breaking news” and you know any “bad news” is a “breaking news” for them. Don’t allow the TV to take away your smile and push you in the negative territory. Instead, play your favorite music and sing “it’s a wonderful day”.

Reaching your job place a few minutes before the start of work gives you the positive feeling of being ahead of others. Shake hands with your co-workers, smile and say “good morning and wish you a wonderful day”. Enjoy your work. Be proud of your work. During the day whenever you feel depressed just say the magical words “it’s a wonderful day” and see how the depression melts away.

The only living day is today and it’s a wonderful day for the person who knows the dignity and honor of today. Make every effort to make today a wonderful day.

Cures For Gout

You will find several gout therapies that could assist to offer relief from the discomfort and swelling. They may also assist to prevent future outbreaks mainly because they stop the uric acid crystals from forming inside the joints. The body needs numerous nutritional vitamins and nutrients to become healthy. The vast majority of them should come from the foods we eat.

You will find certain food items that contain additional uric acid in them than others. It is very wise to familiarize yourself with what is on the good list and what you should either stay away from or consume only in moderation. Make sure you consume plenty of drinking water as well so that you may flush uric acid from your body.

The discomfort can be very harsh whenever you are afflicted by gout. A lot of people find that by soaking the affected areas in Epsom Salt they’ve some relief. Those areas from the body may possibly need to be soaked every couple of hrs. It could be inside a basin, the bathtub, or maybe a bucket of water. Other folks come across that applying either ice packs or hot packs helps to reduce the pain. You may need to try these strategies to find what your personal body responds properly to.

Although you might be thinking about taking various pain medicines you should stay away from them. Typical gout remedies that may backfire can include the use of aspirin. In fact, it could set off even much more uric acid crystals to form in the body. Your objective should be to take away the level of discomfort as quickly as you may.

Occasionally forms of mind therapy for example yoga or meditation can assist somebody affected by gout to obtain a grip on the amount of pain. It might take time to learn the basics of those programs. It is best to attempt to learn them when your body is not suffering from gout. Then you’ll be able to rely on them if you must have future problems with gout.

There are quite a few diverse causes of gout, and just as many treatments for it. The method of discovering what works can be a procedure of trial and error. When you come across what works you are able to carry on to seek out other advantages. A lot of people today use a mixture of gout treatments to offer them the optimum amount of relief from it. Gout isn’t something you simply need to suffer though and live with. Take command over the scenario and make positive changes that can increase your overall quality of life.

Anybody who has suffered with gout will tell you it’s one of the most agonizing experiences that they’ve ever before had. They’ll also tell you that following these several gout treatments is truly worth it. What works for you may be different from what works for somebody else. As a result it is important that you have a positive mindset and that you strive to come across what keeps gout outbreaks at bay for you.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Treat Arthritis

Arthritis is amongst the most prevalent ailments today, affecting literally millions around the globe. There are actually over a hundred kinds of arthritis, with the common signs and symptoms of joint pain and inflammation. This causes great discomfort, and often those with arthritis experience it to a degree that it can take over their lives. For this reason, people with arthritis often try to find remedies that will provide effective, long-term relief, in order to enjoy life as normally as possible.

Arthritis apple cider vinegar treatments are one of many methods people consider. It’s been in use for many centuries, and has been proven to relieve the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis. It has actually been utilized for other conditions as well. Being full of minerals and vitamins, it allows the body to fight illnesses effectively.

One arthritis apple cider vinegar remedy uses a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed to a glass of water. Honey or even some spice may be added to this mixture to improve the taste; honey is even thought to enhance the strength of the solution. This mixture is then taken in the morning and before going to bed at nighttime, to provide relief from arthritis symptoms.

An additional way to use apple cider vinegar is to apply it as a liniment, using it straight to afflicted joints. It is almost always warmed, then applied through the use of a clean washcloth. It can then either be massaged in or simply applied to provide immediate respite from the pain.

Many people believe in the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for arthritis. Nevertheless, whenever employing an alternative form of treatment, it’s always best to check with your medical doctor to avoid any possible complications.

Apple cider vinegar is available in supermarkets, and even on the web. In purchasing this vinegar you need to also look at the quality so it will be more effective for the management of diseases. Organic vinegars are believed more potent, especially those with the mother-of-vinegar still included.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the techniques that arthritis has been treated through the years, and it has been considered effective and safe – important points for those with arthritis. If you need to find out about apple cider vinegar and exactly how it can help your arthritis, have a look at

The Magical Words

The magical and powerful words “thank you” opens the hearts and minds of other people for us and thus paves the way for our prosperity and popularity. Don’t say thank you in a dull and lifeless manner. Say thank you wholeheartedly, humbly and with a sense of gratefulness. Give life to the words and let the magic take its own course in your favor.

Our success in day-to-day life depends on the help, assistance and cooperation being extended by others. No doubt, we say thank you to others many times during the day but we do so in such a casual manner that we even do not realize what we are saying. This is the reason that we do not get enough positive response from others and fail to establish long-term relationships.

Change your style, change your life and change the way you say thank you. Practice saying thank you politely with the positive expressions of your face. You can influence people, beyond your expectations, by saying the magical words of thank you, only when your mind and heart is deeply involved.

Thanks God for His blessings on us and thanks Him for giving us courage and strength to help us in reaching our goals in life. Say thank you to all those who contact us through different means of communications. Say thank you to our spouse and children for their continuous help and assistance in our work and personal life.

The magical words of thank you are taking us to the new heights of success. Be successful, enjoy life and don’t forget to say “thank you”.

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