Can One Person Make a Difference?

Do you know how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly? The process of change from crawling creature to graceful wonder is an excellent metaphor to reflect upon. Caterpillars become butterflies through the effort of but a handful of determined cells. Amazing, isn’t it? So, can one person make a difference?

Transforming the world seems like an impossible task at first. It’s far easier to say there’s nothing we can do, that age-old systems are way stronger, that the battle is lost even before it’s begun. When we aim for progress, we’ll lose some battles and we’ll win others. But if we’re persistent enough, we’ll attract like-minded individuals, and become powerful enough to make an impact in the world.

Would you like to start making a difference in the world today? You don’t need to solve third world hunger or jumpstart world peace overnight. In effortless ways you can show the world how it’s done.

Appreciate one person a day. You’ll be surprised how much a sincere compliment can transform another person’s day. Your little boy may be nursing a rejection from his crush, but a kind word from you may encourage him to try again. Your favorite waitress may be ready to buckle from life’s pressures, but a “thank you” may just make her hang on. Appreciation is cheap; you won’t even have to take out your wallet to give one.

Never drink and drive. Can one person make a difference by not driving when intoxicated? By being conscientious with the simple choices that we make, we can cut down the tragedies that happen to people on a daily basis and can save another person’s life and another family’s grief.

Bring a recyclable bag when you shop or get your groceries. We only have one earth, and it’s time we take care of it. So instead of adding in to the tons of plastic garbage that will take millions of years to degrade, do your bit for the environment then Mother Nature will surely be grateful.

Do you have extra clothing just gathering dust in your closet? Or perhaps you overstocked on goods and food products? Donate your excess to a homeless shelter. Give of what you can to charity. What may be clutter to you is a lifeline for others. It’s a crime to hoard when so many people are doing without.

Share a story of resilience. The world needs more people who can teach about life; something even the internet can’t teach. If you know someone in bad need of quality advice, say, a rebellious teen in your neighborhood or a co-worker in the throes of depression, take time to share what you know. Don’t worry too much about saying the right thing, if you’re sincere in your desire to help, it will come across.

Tell an enemy that you forgive them if you want to make a difference in another person’s life, do what you can to give them closure. Who knows your forgiveness may be just what they’re waiting for so that they can get on with their life.

In conclusion, can one person make a difference? Yes. Through one determined effort at a time!


The Most Wonderful Day!

Today is the most wonderful day of our life. We live, drink, dine, walk, talk, work and play today; it’s a wonderful day isn’t it?

Living today is not enough without making it a wonderful day for us. In order to make your today a wonderful day, get up from the bed early in the morning. While brushing your teeth, brush away the unfounded fears about today. Look in the mirror and say, “It’s a wonderful day”.

Go for a morning walk. Look what you were missing in your life; the chattering of birds, the smile of flowers and the fresh morning breeze gently touching your body. What a wonderful day!

After oxygenating your body in the open air, refresh yourself by taking a hot water shower. While shaving your beard, shave away the weeds of fear, self-pity and helplessness and let grow an imaginative beard of faith, courage and confidence. Now look in the mirror with your newly grown beard. Smile, because “it’s a wonderful day”.

Don’t forget to eat a nourishing breakfast. Your body needs energizing food to maintain a good posture and a positive attitude. Don’t switch on the TV in the morning. Let the “dear devil” sleep. The TV people like to show “breaking news” and you know any “bad news” is a “breaking news” for them. Don’t allow the TV to take away your smile and push you in the negative territory. Instead, play your favorite music and sing “it’s a wonderful day”.

Reaching your job place a few minutes before the start of work gives you the positive feeling of being ahead of others. Shake hands with your co-workers, smile and say “good morning and wish you a wonderful day”. Enjoy your work. Be proud of your work. During the day whenever you feel depressed just say the magical words “it’s a wonderful day” and see how the depression melts away.

The only living day is today and it’s a wonderful day for the person who knows the dignity and honor of today. Make every effort to make today a wonderful day.

The Magical Words

The magical and powerful words “thank you” opens the hearts and minds of other people for us and thus paves the way for our prosperity and popularity. Don’t say thank you in a dull and lifeless manner. Say thank you wholeheartedly, humbly and with a sense of gratefulness. Give life to the words and let the magic take its own course in your favor.

Our success in day-to-day life depends on the help, assistance and cooperation being extended by others. No doubt, we say thank you to others many times during the day but we do so in such a casual manner that we even do not realize what we are saying. This is the reason that we do not get enough positive response from others and fail to establish long-term relationships.

Change your style, change your life and change the way you say thank you. Practice saying thank you politely with the positive expressions of your face. You can influence people, beyond your expectations, by saying the magical words of thank you, only when your mind and heart is deeply involved.

Thanks God for His blessings on us and thanks Him for giving us courage and strength to help us in reaching our goals in life. Say thank you to all those who contact us through different means of communications. Say thank you to our spouse and children for their continuous help and assistance in our work and personal life.

The magical words of thank you are taking us to the new heights of success. Be successful, enjoy life and don’t forget to say “thank you”.

Happy Bonding With Grandparent

Encourage your children to develop a closer bond with their grandparents and here are some tips for staying in touch.

Visit often
If your child’s grandparent is living nearby, make an effort to carve time out of your busy schedule for regular visits. Encourage grandparents to drop by your home, too. Even if visits are infrequent, anticipating and planning the next trip can help your child regard that time as special.

Stay in touch with technology
Use the telephone and e-mail to chat, write, and send pictures and sound files of your children to grandparents. If they don’t own a computer, send VCDs of the kids in action.

Say “cheese”
Post snapshots of grandparents and point them out to your children often. Or keep family pictures in a special photo album and page through it while naming the family members.

Post mail
With the popularity and ‘instant’ touch offered by e-mail, posted mail may take some effort. However, children love receiving mail. So provide grandparents with facility and invite them to write regularly. Then, encourage your child to reply, thus keeping up a regular communication enjoyed by both.

Pass it on
Many grandparents have hobbies or special skills. Such as knitting, sewing, gardening, or cooking that they’d like to pass on to their grandchildren. Provide kids with the time and tools needed to learn these skills from their grandparents.

Chart a family tree
Children enjoy learning about their ancestors and relatives so encourage grandparent to share stories of their families. Provide them with paper and drawing supplies so that they can chart the family tree together.

Benefit of bonding with grandparents
Grandparents can be a great role models and source of influence; they provide a sense of cultural heritage and family history. Grandparents love their grandchildren unconditionally, have their best interests at heart and can make them feel safe. Grandparent can also encourage a child’s healthy development and may have lots of time to spend playing and reading to children. Such dedicated attention will go a long way in improving a child’s developmental and learning skills.

Who Am I?

I never thought life would be this complicated. I had a simple childhood life, full of fun and simplicity. I dreamt to be someone to be proud of.

But then, what have I done to my life. What is lacking to me. Where are my dreams? I know I have the brains but what I am now, still nothing to be proud of. I have my job, but still I know deep inside of me, something is lacking.

At the end, I found out that I have no clear vision, mission and objectives in my life. I just sing the song but never had my own music. I build my life but no plans to where to start and where it will end. I don’t have clear plan about my life that’s why I always regret. I never plan and never dream seriously that’s why everything fails.

Simplify Your Life

Even in those times of frantic pacing and harried lifestyles, you know that you always have the choice to simplify and do less. It is the solution to almost every aspect of our lives.

To simplify is the answer to your financial difficulties: Shop less and spend less. Don’t try to spend more than what you actually earn. Try to simplify by cutting back on your bills and decrease your debt rather than trying to handle all your bills and expenses. If necessary, have fewer credit cards, or get rid of your credit card if you have to. Eliminate your financial problems so that you will have lesser stress.

Try to do less and manage less on your agenda and you would get rid of the difficulty of trying to handle it all. Instead of figuring out how to deal with your packed schedule, strive to simplify. Decrease your commitments if you can’t handle it. Decline some projects, meetings and some favors which will only eat most of your precious time.

If you want to end your storage problems, begin to simplify by minimizing clutter. When you have lesser things on your possessions, it means you need lesser storage. In the process, you will save a lot of money when it comes to maintenance and storage. When this happens, life becomes less stressful.

Simplicity requires the courage to say no to commitments, to let go unnecessary stuff, and to be different than the way we always used to do things. Consequently, you’ll realize that it’s all worth it; less hassles and stress and more efficiency.

The Art Of Fishing

My hair is grey, my wrinkles are clearly visible and my abdomen droops a little more than I prefer. Time has flown. It seems not too long ago when I walked my kid to school. Today my son who works as an engineer has left the comfort of home to work at a different corner of the State. Sometimes I wonder if he could be something more if I have done a better job.

As a parent, I am often guilty of trying to choose a career for him because I thought I know what is best for him. I admit it isn’t easy to leave all decisions to him, especially when it concerns his future.

While trying to be a good parent, I failed to realize the importance of giving my child the freedom to choose his life paths, on what he wants to do with this career, his love interests, ultimately, his future. My roles as a parent, I realized, is just to offer opinion and advice and should allowed him to make decisions like choosing a toy or a school bag when he was young.

But of course, things are easier said than done, especially if one’s root teaches as otherwise. My parents believed strongly in the philosophy of “spare the rod and spoil the child”. But everyone makes mistake every now and then. Mistake should be used as a teaching-learning experience. I managed to abandon this old-fashion parent-child dynamic, though.

I never like the idea of hurting my own child. Shouting and canning confuses a child, making it difficult for them to open and share his thoughts. I empowered and guided my child to be strong and independent. I’ve let myself become more supportive rather than over-protective. I’ve maximize the philosophy, “Teach a child to fish and he can have fish everyday; fish for him and he has fish for one day”.

I admit that I do not know if I have done a good job as a parent, but I know that I have done and given my best. As much as I’d hope that I have control over his destiny, things have turned out the way they are. And as a mum, I hope the best for him; in everything he does and aspires to do.

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