How To Cope When You Are Surrounded By Idiots

Are the idiots in your life driving you crazy? Do you often feel like you are surrounded by idiots? Have you ever wondered if you are an idiot?

Here are a few suggestions that could change your life if you are someone who is struggling with idiots in your life. If you are surrounded by idiots or if you have a loved one who has idiotic tendencies, you will probably want to teach these principles to the idiots in your life. It might just help.

This article contains lessons on stupidity which cover things you should pretty much never do. There are many more lessons we could add, such as not floating face down in the septic tank.  If you are an idiot, try to find someone to read these principles to you and then apply them.

  • You should never try to lick the bottom of the blender while the blades are still turning.
  • Never drink quarts of vinegar while eating boxes of baking soda.
  • Never clean up nitro-glycerin or unstable nuclear waste with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Never let friends hit you over the head with a baseball bat unless you are wearing a good helmet.
  • Never adjust your TV antenna during a lightning storm.
  • You shouldn’t smoke while siphoning gasoline.
  • Don’t microwave dynamite.
  • Never dry your hair with a blow torch.
  • Never pick your scabs while swimming with sharks.
  • Never hang glider during a hurricane.

Funny Questions About Life

Ever had one of those funny questions about life? The following are some of the ones I’ve discovered or written. So, if you find while reading these funny questions and thoughts about life make you smile, pass them along.

These are just a few of the Funny Questions about life that try men’s -and women’s souls. And there’s a ton more funny questions about life not listed here. If you have or have thought up any funny questions of life yourself, feel free to send them along.

Funny Questions about life

  • They make bullet proof vests, why not bullet proof pants?
  • Is there any difference between partly cloudy and partly sunny?
  • If it only takes one match to start a forest fire, why on earth does it take me a whole box of matches and a can of lighter fluid to light my grill?
  • How do you know when pickles or sour cream has gone bad?
  • If Donkey Kong’s main character is a monkey, why isn’t it called Monkey Kong?
  • They say laughter is the best medicine – so who came up with the phrase, “I died laughing”?
  • Why do doctors leave the room when you’re getting dressed, after all, they’ve already seen you naked?
  • Any reason they nail down the lid of a coffin?
  • When butterflies get upset or nervous, what do they get in their stomachs?
  • Where do they put price stickers on non-stick pans?
  • If it’s called lipstick, why is it always coming off?

Thanks for wasting a few minutes of your life pondering these funny questions of life.

The Magical Words

The magical and powerful words “thank you” opens the hearts and minds of other people for us and thus paves the way for our prosperity and popularity. Don’t say thank you in a dull and lifeless manner. Say thank you wholeheartedly, humbly and with a sense of gratefulness. Give life to the words and let the magic take its own course in your favor.

Our success in day-to-day life depends on the help, assistance and cooperation being extended by others. No doubt, we say thank you to others many times during the day but we do so in such a casual manner that we even do not realize what we are saying. This is the reason that we do not get enough positive response from others and fail to establish long-term relationships.

Change your style, change your life and change the way you say thank you. Practice saying thank you politely with the positive expressions of your face. You can influence people, beyond your expectations, by saying the magical words of thank you, only when your mind and heart is deeply involved.

Thanks God for His blessings on us and thanks Him for giving us courage and strength to help us in reaching our goals in life. Say thank you to all those who contact us through different means of communications. Say thank you to our spouse and children for their continuous help and assistance in our work and personal life.

The magical words of thank you are taking us to the new heights of success. Be successful, enjoy life and don’t forget to say “thank you”.

Limit Screen Time Without Raising A Rebellion

Your child’s total daily screen time may be greater than realize. You can take simple steps to reduce the amount of time your child spends watching TV, movies and video or computer games. Use these simple guidelines to get started.

Eliminate background TV
If the TV is turned on even if it’s just in the background, it is likely to draw your child’s attention. If you are not actively watching a show, turn it off.

Keep TV sets and computers out of the bedroom
Children who have a TV in their bedrooms watch more TV and videos than children who don’t. It is easier to monitor your child’s screen time and the websites he visits by keeping computers in a common area in your house.

Don’t eat in front of the TV
Allowing your child to eat or snack in front of the TV increases his screen time. The habit also encourages mindless munching which can lead to weight gain.

Set school day rules
Most children have limited free time during the school week. Don’t let your child spend all of it in front of a screen.

Suggest other activities
Rather than relying on screen time for entertainment, help your child find other things to do. Consider classic activities like reading together, playing a sport or trying a new board game.

Set a good example
Be a good role model. Limit your own screen time!

When your child has screen time, watch with your child together and talk about what you are viewing. Plan what your child watches, instead of flipping through channels, seek quality videos or use a programme guide to select appropriate shows based on suitability for kids. When programme ends, turn off the TV. Choose video games that encourage physical activity. Better yet, make game times a family activity.

It may be difficult to start limiting your child’s screen time, especially if your child already has a TV in his bedroom or your family eats dinner in front of the TV. However, you could start creating new household habits and viewing rules, and steadily make small changes in your child’s routine. After a while, you’re sure to see the difference.

Whose Responsibility Is It Anyway?

It amazes me, how often during a week, I hear “It’s not my fault, it’s not my responsibility”.

It seems that in today’s society no one wants to take responsibility for anything. Parents don’t or won’t take the responsibility of how their children turn out. It’s the daycare’s fault, the school’s fault, the college’s fault, the cop’s fault. You get the picture?

As far as children go today, newsflash parents, “It is your fault.” They are your children, not the daycare’s or the schools. It is your responsibility to be sure that they get to school, that they learn in school, and what they do after school. That means paying attention to what your children are doing. Taking an interest in the homework they have, and if they don’t have any, give them some.

Monitoring what kind of music they listen to, what they watch on television, what kind of movies they watch, and the video games they play. Teach them the difference between reality and imaginary ideas, people and things. Television and video games are not baby-sitters, and neither is the school system. Your children are your responsibility. Spend time with them and be aware of what they are doing, instill in them ethics, morals and values so that they can become productive adults.

About Nothing

Ever thought of writing about….nothing? This is actually common nowadays. I don’t know how you feel but I am overwhelmed about the abundance of information that can be found everywhere.

Everyone is writing about everything. The same subjects are written and rewritten and I look at them and wonder how is this supposed to help the modern man become more efficient? The truth is that we are in a hurry running from place to place, trying to keep up with the others around us. We sleep less trying to make more time for ourselves, but we end up wasting that time on useless things.

How about TV? I really think we are in the danger of becoming dumber if we spend too much time in front of it. There are people who spend half of the day watching TV becomes half of their life in front of the TV. Instead of watching someone live a stupid life on TV maybe we should go outside and live our own life…maybe we’ll start liking it.

What about Internet? This is a big one and wow, what a useful thing. If we know what we are looking for and how to find it, we’ll probably find it on the internet. The sad thing is, besides information, it is full to the teeth with crap, like people selling made-up information, spammers, people trying to scam other people. How is it possible to search for something and the first 10 or so results you find are scams? Because these guys know SEO, they will do anything to be listed first in search engines to make more money. While the good old sites that offer information and recreation aren’t well placed in search engines because they don’t do SEO, they just rely on offering good content.

This is not good, I’m at paragraph 5 and I still have nothing to write about. This is turning out to be just another useless piece of article, made just to confuse the common man; another article in the immensity of useless articles that just take up space and help no one. Hope you didn’t reach this point and I’m really sorry for wasting your time in this manner.

At least let me give you an advice and I hope you’ll take it, because it’s for your own good. Stop wasting time and do something with your life. Never say I’ll do this tomorrow, if you have time, do it now, and live to the maximum!

Have a nice life!

A Bundle of Laughs and Memories of Joy

Didn’t the world seem a lot better during Saturday morning cartoons? You can enjoy cartoons on television shows, morning newspapers and the internet. Whenever you are lonely or sad, turn on your favorite cartoon and roll away in laughter. Your responsibilities increase as you grow old, but the child inside you does not die.

The comic strip in the newspapers was a favorite for most people as they grew up. What started out as a small strip has grown into a variety of world famous cartoons. You can probably remember bugs bunny outsmarting the hunter or the road runner defeating his smart enemies. You would laugh and laugh until you have tears in your eyes.

If you are bored of the repeats on television, switch on your computer and log onto any cartoon site. You will hold your stomach, crying out in laughter as you see the funny range of cartoons. One year old talking babies or a family of idiots, all of them can make you laugh for hours.

If you love cartoons, there is always something that you have never seen before. Starting from Mickey and the Disney Gang to Pokémon and SpongeBob, all are genius shows. If you feel you have watched them all, you can always watch exclusive clips or unreleased extras on the net. There is never a dull moment with the huge collection of cartoon pages and websites that is sure to make anyone laugh with pure fun.

Enjoy the world of cartoon humor and always keep the laughs alive when you are feeling down.

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