Bee Pollen Allergy Resistance Program

While some allergy sufferers have learned to tolerate the associated discomforts, many people have eliminated these sensitivities using a bee pollen allergy treatment program. The plan involves using this compound, also called “bee bread”, to gradually build a tolerance to common allergens. This amazing substance not only boosts the human immune system, it also provides essential vitamins and amino acids that everyone needs to stay healthy.

The idea of exposing the body to irritants as a way to build immunity is not new. This concept is what makes vaccines effective against common illnesses like the flu, measles, and chicken pox. Once a person contracts a certain illness, the individual’s body will make antibodies against the microorganism that causes the disease. These antibodies remain in the bloodstream and will fight off that microorganism if it tries to invade the body again. Vaccines contain weak or dead viruses or bacteria to force the immune system to make antibodies without actually causing the illness in a patient. Allergens can be blocked in the same manner.

When honeybees collect pollen from flowers they pick up many common irritants that subsequently become part of the bee bread. These are only trace amounts, however. People who ingest the supplement will gradually build a defense against the irritants, and over time the allergies will become less severe or disappear completely. When beginning an allergy resistance program it is wise to start out taking only small amounts. One can add a little more at regular intervals until he or she is taking the standard dosage.

This natural compound contains important life-sustaining nutrients that are needed for everybody function. It provides all of the known anti-oxidant vitamins such as B, C, D, and E, as well as beta-carotene. It also contains protein and amino acids that are needed for healthy muscles and connective tissues. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, potassium, and iron are all vital for strong teeth and bones and resilient blood vessels. Those who do not obtain adequate amounts of these nutrients can supplement their diets with bee pollen to fill in nutritional gaps.

There are those who claim that bee bread is a perfect “super food” since it has everything one needs to sustain her life with the exception of water. While it is not advisable or necessary to replace meals with bee pollen, many people find it to be extremely beneficial as a daily nutritional supplement. Of course, anyone who is taking other medications should check with a doctor before using it, and those who have a bee sting allergy should not take bee bread.


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