How To Cope When You Are Surrounded By Idiots

Are the idiots in your life driving you crazy? Do you often feel like you are surrounded by idiots? Have you ever wondered if you are an idiot?

Here are a few suggestions that could change your life if you are someone who is struggling with idiots in your life. If you are surrounded by idiots or if you have a loved one who has idiotic tendencies, you will probably want to teach these principles to the idiots in your life. It might just help.

This article contains lessons on stupidity which cover things you should pretty much never do. There are many more lessons we could add, such as not floating face down in the septic tank.  If you are an idiot, try to find someone to read these principles to you and then apply them.

  • You should never try to lick the bottom of the blender while the blades are still turning.
  • Never drink quarts of vinegar while eating boxes of baking soda.
  • Never clean up nitro-glycerin or unstable nuclear waste with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Never let friends hit you over the head with a baseball bat unless you are wearing a good helmet.
  • Never adjust your TV antenna during a lightning storm.
  • You shouldn’t smoke while siphoning gasoline.
  • Don’t microwave dynamite.
  • Never dry your hair with a blow torch.
  • Never pick your scabs while swimming with sharks.
  • Never hang glider during a hurricane.

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