Office Every Day, Huh!

Let’s take a look at how the office functions today. We stroll around exchanging pleasantries with co-workers, bosses and the people we manage. We exchange thoughts, during one-on-one conversations with our co-workers. We sit in meetings of endless conversation, as we strive to understand what is being said. We filter through piles and piles of emails with conversation chains a mile long. We endure performance reviews where our boss gives us their always valuable input and assessment.

I’m getting tired of all these and I’m thinking of taking some time off. It’s time for that much deserved time off; really time off and not just “playing vacation”. I need to stay unplug. This means no laptop or notebook, just my Smartphone.

BUT… Where to? How many days? When will it start? When will it end? Well, anywhere, as long as it is away from the office, far, far away from the office; outside the country, most likely! And, I’ve decided to take 2 weeks leave . Visiting my grandmother’s homeland is a fabulous idea, I supposed!

I’ve consider to travel to Balikpapan, Indonesia to spend and enjoy my time off. Even though I know I love what I do at work, I still need a break from it. If we’re stressed and close to burnout, we’re not doing anyone any good. Taking some regular time out to unplug and clear the head may do wonders for my well-being, just like a good afternoon nap after a big slice of pie.

Now, the important aspect to consider first is the travelling arrangements. But, first thing first! Get myself a passport. It makes a lot easier to think about the rest of the travel plans once the passport is ready. Next step, the airline tickets booking, then begin packing…. BON VOYAGE!


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