Make Them Learn To Love Nature

Some of the happiest memories of our childhood could be connected to the time we spent outdoors. Climbing trees, catching grasshoppers or crickets, chasing butterflies or plucking flowers are a few adventures kept us out of the house apart from mealtimes and bedtimes.

Children today seem to be completely disassociated with nature. Most of the time, they’re indoors watching television, playing video games or computer games. They are unaware of the wonderful surprises and joys they could experience in the outdoors, hence they’re losing out on one of the fun aspects of growing up connecting with nature.

It’s time to try and do just that. Here are some tips on how to help your child cultivate a natural and enduring love for nature.

Begin with your garden
Sit on the ground with your children and have them describe what they see… the colours, the sound, etc. Make a “sand cake”, or collect bugs to observe.

Go camping
There is no greater way to experience nature than to go camping. You can sleep in a tent or in a sleeping bag under the stars. Cook your food by campfire, and share stories with your children.

Take your kids on a tour of rural places
Like a visit to a padi fields or pineapple farms. Another visit could be to chicken farms or vegetable gardens. Besides being an interesting experience, these visits are an unforgettable way for children to see the journey of food from its source to their plates.

Go on a nature photo safari
Take your children to a park or garden and allow them to become amateur photographers, taking pictures of all their natural finds. Collect their photos and turn them into a college or slideshow which can be shown to relatives and friends.

Go to jungle trekking or visit a waterfall
Children love exploring and playing in water. Exploring our beautiful jungles and having picnics by waterfalls will definitely be enjoyed by the whole family.

Read books to your children that encourage a curiosity in nature
Take your kids to the local bookstores and help them pick out storybooks based on nature or outdoor adventures. This will cultivate a lively interest that can grow into a lifelong passion for the green world around them.


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