Happy Bonding With Grandparent

Encourage your children to develop a closer bond with their grandparents and here are some tips for staying in touch.

Visit often
If your child’s grandparent is living nearby, make an effort to carve time out of your busy schedule for regular visits. Encourage grandparents to drop by your home, too. Even if visits are infrequent, anticipating and planning the next trip can help your child regard that time as special.

Stay in touch with technology
Use the telephone and e-mail to chat, write, and send pictures and sound files of your children to grandparents. If they don’t own a computer, send VCDs of the kids in action.

Say “cheese”
Post snapshots of grandparents and point them out to your children often. Or keep family pictures in a special photo album and page through it while naming the family members.

Post mail
With the popularity and ‘instant’ touch offered by e-mail, posted mail may take some effort. However, children love receiving mail. So provide grandparents with facility and invite them to write regularly. Then, encourage your child to reply, thus keeping up a regular communication enjoyed by both.

Pass it on
Many grandparents have hobbies or special skills. Such as knitting, sewing, gardening, or cooking that they’d like to pass on to their grandchildren. Provide kids with the time and tools needed to learn these skills from their grandparents.

Chart a family tree
Children enjoy learning about their ancestors and relatives so encourage grandparent to share stories of their families. Provide them with paper and drawing supplies so that they can chart the family tree together.

Benefit of bonding with grandparents
Grandparents can be a great role models and source of influence; they provide a sense of cultural heritage and family history. Grandparents love their grandchildren unconditionally, have their best interests at heart and can make them feel safe. Grandparent can also encourage a child’s healthy development and may have lots of time to spend playing and reading to children. Such dedicated attention will go a long way in improving a child’s developmental and learning skills.


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