Limit Screen Time Without Raising A Rebellion

Your child’s total daily screen time may be greater than realize. You can take simple steps to reduce the amount of time your child spends watching TV, movies and video or computer games. Use these simple guidelines to get started.

Eliminate background TV
If the TV is turned on even if it’s just in the background, it is likely to draw your child’s attention. If you are not actively watching a show, turn it off.

Keep TV sets and computers out of the bedroom
Children who have a TV in their bedrooms watch more TV and videos than children who don’t. It is easier to monitor your child’s screen time and the websites he visits by keeping computers in a common area in your house.

Don’t eat in front of the TV
Allowing your child to eat or snack in front of the TV increases his screen time. The habit also encourages mindless munching which can lead to weight gain.

Set school day rules
Most children have limited free time during the school week. Don’t let your child spend all of it in front of a screen.

Suggest other activities
Rather than relying on screen time for entertainment, help your child find other things to do. Consider classic activities like reading together, playing a sport or trying a new board game.

Set a good example
Be a good role model. Limit your own screen time!

When your child has screen time, watch with your child together and talk about what you are viewing. Plan what your child watches, instead of flipping through channels, seek quality videos or use a programme guide to select appropriate shows based on suitability for kids. When programme ends, turn off the TV. Choose video games that encourage physical activity. Better yet, make game times a family activity.

It may be difficult to start limiting your child’s screen time, especially if your child already has a TV in his bedroom or your family eats dinner in front of the TV. However, you could start creating new household habits and viewing rules, and steadily make small changes in your child’s routine. After a while, you’re sure to see the difference.


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