To De-Stress

Do you have stress in your life? We all do at one time or another. What is stress? It is a reaction to a physical, mental, or emotional stimulus that upsets the body’s natural balance. Stress is unavoidable, it can be positive or negative. It can be physical or psychological.

Stress can cause fatigue, chronic headaches, irritability, changes in appetites, memory loss, low self-esteem, withdrawal, tooth-grinding, cold hands, high blood pressure, shallow breathing, nervous twitches, insomnia, gastro-intestinal disorders and many more lifestyle diseases. So in order to have vibrant healthy body you need to de-stress your life.

The following are suggestions that have worked for many people.
• Try not to sit too long behind you desk, get up to walk around or do some stretching.
• Close your eyes 10 minutes and think of the blue sky.
• Eat a healthy desert at low fat yoghurt and fruits instead of a high-calorie chocolate cake.
• Snack on almonds, research shows that they have anti-stress properties.
• Have a hearty laugh at least once a day and take things lightly.
• Relax and unwind after work by taking a relaxing bath with candles and bath oils.
• Exercise at least 3 times a week.
• Pamper yourself to a monthly spa, even if it is just a simple pedicure.
• Join some activities like a dance class or arts and craft class.
• Reconnect with your inner child, take a relaxing stroll at your local park or playground.


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