Change Thorns Into Flowers

You find yourself watching others and saying to yourself, you could do that so much quicker. You find yourself taking on more work because you felt it was easier and quicker for you to do it. You feel that you waste so much time waiting for others to complete work. You feel irritable inside and get frustrated because others don’t seem to understand what you are saying.

You find yourselves always want to hurry things up and feel more comfortable when things are concluded rather than left waiting. You find yourself running out of patience with partner, children, colleagues because they seem to take more time or appear to lack concentration.

If you own up to any of these traits and feel really irritable and impatient with yourself and those around you. If you feel that you are always clock watching. If you find yourself getting into unnecessary arguments with your partner and children as well as in work then stop for a moment. The negative part of your makeup has taken you over. You are operating from your weaknesses rather than your strengths.

This is learned behaviour and not your natural state. You have learned to become a thorn in the belief that this behaviour will protect you. You pricked people and make them irritated and eventually ruin their performance.

Wake up and find the natural you!

Spend time on your own and remember your natural positive side. Inside every impatient person is a patient, gentle one waiting to get out. Inside every impatient person is a person who loves working with others and getting the best out of them. Inside every impatient person is a person who loves to involve others in tasks.

Stop looking back. What has happened has happened and it is all part of the drama of life and cannot be changed. Focus on the task ahead and look at your thoughts and think about what you want to achieve. Mix with people who want to succeed. Keep away from dream stealers and people who spend their lives telling others why things cannot happen.

The skills you have of alertness, quick thinking and a quick independent mind are key skills in this world. When you are stressed you tend to go it alone. But when you are working from your natural talents you are a gifted team worker. Just give yourself time to work from your strengths rather than your weakness.

When you follow this method you will change. You will be seen for what you naturally are, a positive, popular, sought-after, powerful, human being. Instead of a thorn that is always pricking people you will return to your natural state, a flower.


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  1. Rena
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 21:39:41

    I like your post.


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