Public Cell Phone Conversation

The delight behind owning a cell phone is that a person can carry on a conversation from place to place anytime they want. If everybody who owned a cell phone carried a conversation anytime, anywhere they were…the world would be very loud and confusing with tons of noise and disruption. Here are some proper etiquette techniques you should apply when you are using your used cell phone in public.

How To Handle Phone Calls In A Doctor s Waiting Room
You are sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, waiting to be called back. Suddenly, your phone rings. You decide to answer it and it s someone who wants to know what you been up to, how you been and what you are doing at that moment. You decide to carry on the conversation and end up getting in a long conversation in which you tell the caller about your personal problems. The conversation turns into a talk about the problems in your marriage, the reason for your current medical visit, and details you heard about another friend. You look up from your cell phone conversation and notice that every person in the waiting room is watching you. You blush and consider that maybe this isn’t the best place to carry this kind of conversation. If you want this kind of conversation, the best thing you could do is text back and forth so no one else hears about your personal business.

How to handle a phone call during a baseball game?
You decide to go to a baseball game and, of course, bring along your cell phone. As you’re watching the game, you choose to call some friends to tell them what is going on. As you carry on the conversation, you forgot and get louder. Somebody in the stands yells for you to shut off the cell phone so they can concentrate on the game rather than on you. Needless to say… public places like this are not an ideal place to hold a personal conversation. If you must take an important phone call, get up, leave the stands and hold the conversation elsewhere. It’s either that or text your conversation.

Helpful Suggestions To Use A Cell Phone Properly
When you find yourself in a public place and you must take the call, consider moving about 15 feet away from other people so that you do not disrupt them with your conversation. If you are unable to do this, consider asking the caller if you can text them or if you can call them back at another time.


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