Enough Is Enough

At some point in everyone’s lives we have said to ourselves enough is enough. Trust me I know. I have overcome poverty from misery when I should be happy, loneliness in a crowd of a million people, suicidal thoughts, anger problems, family rifts and so much more. I have been treated unfairly so often until it has brought me to bitterness. I have existed when I woke up, went to work, came home, watched TV, texted a bit, pretended to be happy and then went to bed…next morning same thing.

Then one day I decided I cant do this anymore, I’ve made mistakes, I mean some outrageously dumb mistakes, to trying and failing, and finally not trying at all because I don’t feel like being disappointed, but at this point I’m only punishing and hurting myself. I know you have been there and done that.

There is help, there is a way when things look dark, wet and gloomy.


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