The Lost Husband

I didn’t find out about the affair. He confessed that he has married someone else.  I guessed he did not want to feel guilty for cheating me.  But he did not care about hurting me and our children.

He no longer comes home every night, and when he does, it is late at night.  On Sundays, he rushes off after breakfast to do the marketing for my Maduri (madu + duri) and their son.  I have kept this secret from my friends and family but his family welcomed her with open arms. Birds of a feather flock together are all I can say of him and his family.

He continues to come home, out of guilt.  He continues to provide for us, out of a sense of responsibility.  But when he is home, it is just an empty shell.  I can see from his face, his heart is not with us.  What I intend to convey here is “Happy April fool’s Day”. GOTCHA!!!

Actually this has nothing to do with me, I copied this article from STARMAG, Sunday 27 March 2001 – HEART & SOUL page, to fool you.  I’m a fool myself, am I?


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